Choosing the right frame for your face shape

Whilst we may naturally be drawn towards certain looks or be influenced by other people’s choices of glasses and how they look, when it comes to choosing our own glasses frames, choosing the right frame for your face shape can be as important as choosing the right clothes for your size and shape or the right hairstyle for your look and age. Here is the Specs123 guide to what glasses frames suit which face shape.

The oval face shape is often seen as the most balanced, with all features in proportion with each other. This makes choosing a glasses frame easier, as pretty much you can take your pick, knowing that the vast majority of frames will still flatter. Ensure frame success by choosing glasses whose frames are a similar width to the broadest part of the face. Whilst it pretty much is anything goes here, potentially oversized glasses can make the face look drawn.

A round face means fuller cheeks and non-angular features, meaning that by choosing a frame that is wider than the face, you naturally slim the features. Defined glasses with straight lines are the perfect contrast to the rounded face, lengthening and adding structure. And remember that the addition of nose pads will ensure comfort when resting on rounded cheeks.

A triangular face means a narrow forehead with a wide jaw line. Quite structured and defined in appearance, glasses frames that offset this by being round in shape are the perfect match. The size of the frame is less important than the shaping with this face shape.

Similarly, in terms of angular lines, if you have a square face you have a more prominent jawline. Again, it is all about balance, so choose a frame with curvature such as a round or oval style. Here, less bold colours and more neutral tones will make strong features appear more delicate.

Last but not least, the heart shaped face has a broader forehead, higher cheekbones and a tapered chin. Not the easiest of face shapes to balance, choose frames that have defined points such as the cat-eye or vintage styles of frame.