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With Freshers Week Done, It’s Time for University Life to Begin

So, you’ve started university, survived Freshers Week, and now it’s time for what you actually went to Uni for to begin. After the fun, frolics and new friendship making times have subsided, the reality of lectures, assignments and study take over, but with a bit of thoughtful planning and determination to enjoy this exciting new period in your life, finding the ideal balance of work, rest and play is within your grasp.

Here’s the 123 guide to making your time at university the best time of your life.

  1. Organise the essentials as soon as possible

Living away from home means taken as first steps into responsibility for your own life and affairs. As well as opening a bank account, learning to budget and changing your address for term time, there are also matters such as registering with a doctor, dentist and optician to be considered.

Making sure these matters are attended to as soon as you can within the academic year means that after they are sorted, you can put them to the back of your mind until a point where you may need to use them.

When it comes to opticians, often finding a new alternative to your usual independent at home or a branch of your preferred high street optician is not as straightforward as it should be, especially for those who have regular prescriptions of contact lenses. Switching to an online retailer not only makes lens life hassle-free, but is also cheaper and as a university student learns fast, pennies count. As well as buying on the Internet usually meaning savings as you are buying direct, Lens123 have also teamed with for even more savings. With 10% discount and extra pairs, contact lens wearing just got a whole lot easier.

  1. Learn to Plan and Plan to Learn

Living independently can throw up a whole host of social temptations - friends knocking on the door to go down to the student bar when you’re in the middle of an essay, missing friends and family and the temptation to stay in touch a lot and looming deadlines are all things that are serious considerations.

Making sure that you are organised and sticking to some sort of routine makes having that idyllic balance of work and social life achievable. Make a rough timetable of when you are going to make time for study and stick to it with the best of your ability. Ensuring that it is not overstretching your time is key as well as being open to flexibility. So, if you have done 1.5 hours of the set 2 hours revision and a friend comes to chat, be easy on yourself and realise that other people matter to the success of your Uni life too.

  1. Make the Most of the Experience

It’s often said that university life is a time of your life, so enjoy it!

All universities have an excellent selection of extra-curricular clubs, societies and events and with a definite emphasis on there being something for everyone. And even if you can’t find something that takes your fancy, don’t be afraid to start something new yourself as undoubtedly there will be somebody else sharing the same interest.


If you do find moments of everything being overwhelming, tap into the universities Pastoral systems. These are established facilities that have seen it all before and truly want you to be happy and anxiety free.

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