Looking after eyes when the heat is on

With the current hot temperatures letting us experience being outside in the sun without the need for a far-flung holiday for once, it is very tempting to throw caution to the wind and just get out there in the heat without a second thought.

But whilst there are many recommendations for applying suntan creams, keeping hydrated and avoiding the midday sun, just what advice is that protect one of our most important bodily assets, the eyes?

Wearing good quality sunglasses may seem like a no-brainer, but many people still put fashion over functionality and safety. Whilst there is an argument to say that wearing anything over the eyes will offer some level of protection, the higher the quality you choose and the better the level of UV protection provided, the less the risk of long-term damage.

Always remember that it is eye safety first and the sunglasses looks second, and always wear glasses in bright sunlight and sunshine. Having a fashionable pair is indeed a bonus but there is an argument to say that most pair of sunglasses will add a certain coolness to your look.

And just because you wear contact lenses doesn’t mean your eyes are protected as you will also need sunglasses to protect the whole eye area also.

Air conditioning can be great for keeping the body cool, but also comes with a small but real risk of spreading bacteria, especially in crowded buildings or places where air conditioning units have not been maintained sufficiently. If you are suffering from any eye irritation, it may be advisable to avoid places that have air-conditioning until any eye infection has been cleared up.

If eyes feel dry in the heat, place cold compresses over the whole eye area in order to restore moisture and refresh the eye in general. Also consider using eyedrops that are specifically manufactured to moisturise the eye area and bring that healthy feeling back.

Similarly, keeping the whole body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids will help keep the eyes in tiptop condition.

As obvious as it may seem, always avoid staring in to direct sunlight as this can permanently damage the delicate eye area. Even if you’re wearing high quality sunglasses, looking straight at the sun is not advised.