Misusing your contact lenses

For many of us, the transition from wearing glasses to contact lenses is a life changing moment. The ability to leave something that improves eyesight in the eye all day without the need to clean, take on and off, or adjust to sit correctly on the nose is something that can vastly improve quality of life for some, as well as increasing confidence for those who prefer the non-spectacled look.

However, that ease of use also means that people can be a bit too laid-back when it comes to wearing contact lenses and this can result in damage to the eye, whether short-term or, indeed, longer term.

Just as with glasses, regular check-ups mean that your lens prescription will always be the best for your vision. Don’t be put off by the optician’s prices as your eye test itself is not as much as you think and can often be subsidised or free for certain people. There is no longer any need to buy your glasses or lenses at the opticians as the Internet and sites such as our own at specs123.co.uk and lens123.co.uk mean that affordable and convenient eye care is available at the touch of a button. Don’t be tempted to simply continue to use old prescription lenses as the clarity of vision you will get with the right prescription can be a vast improvement.

Also, don’t be tempted to simply guess your prescription when you buy off the internet to avoid a trip to the opticians. Using the wrong prescription for your eyes causes strain and resultant headaches, not a pleasant price to pay for a simple test.

After a long day at work or an evening out, the temptation can be to simply get into bed with the lenses in. Today’s contact lenses offer many solutions for your lifestyle and many, such as daily disposables, are easy to take in and out, meaning there’s never an excuse to not adhere to the correct way of using. Leaving lenses in causes irritation and soreness which means you may have to revert to wearing glasses while the eye recovers.