The advantage of anti-reflection lenses in Autumn and Winter

With the clocks going back and lighter mornings and darker evenings around the corner, it may seem bizarre to be talking about reflection from the sun. Yet protecting your eyes against brightness and colder climates is key to good eye health and not something that should be ignored.


If you are driving early in the morning or as the sun goes down in Autumn and Winter, the glare from the sun can at times be overwhelming. With the sun coming up earlier in the morning and setting earlier at night, we are often driving at these times far more than in the Summer months. The conditions can be made even worse due to more rain at this time of year that then creates an extra element of reflection that can literally blind our vision.

Anti-reflection lenses help combat unavoidable glare caused by the different weather at this time of year, making it a safer driving experience and making you feel far more comfortable behind the wheel.

And as we get into the harsher colder climates and the potential of snow, having a view that is mainly white can be very uncomfortable on the eyes and your visual perception. Winter sun reflecting on white as well as ice bringing an increase in reflection glare can be tricky to deal with. Anti-reflection lenses make vision sharper so that you are seeing objects without unnecessary shapes and shadows around them, making driving a more comfortable, and potentially safer experience.

Of course, anti-reflection lenses in your glasses have advantages beyond the Autumn and Winter seasons and driving.

Glasses will actually look aesthetically better, enabling you to actually see the person behind the lenses and creating better images on photographs.

In an era of smart phones and computers being part of our lives minute by minute, anti-reflection lenses enable clearer vision, protecting eye health as we go about our daily lives. give you an anti-reflective coating free on all glasses orders, proving that buying online means no compromise to your eye health or quality of customer service given.