Top Tips for Healthy Wearing of Contact Lenses

When you are considering changing from glasses use to contact lenses in order to correct your eyesight issues, for many it can seem an extremely daunting task. The very thought of having something in your eye, never mind placing it in there in the first place, can often seem like a step too far. Yet if you ask the millions of satisfied contact lens wearers, once you have got used to using them, after a couple of weeks there is no turning back from contact lenses. With that in mind, here is the lens123 guide to clean, comfortable and successful contact lens use.

1. It cannot be stressed enough that cleanliness is the key to long-term comfort and contact lens happiness. Just like you wouldn’t wash dirty dishes in plain, cold water, the same rule applies to cleansing your lenses. Do not be tempted to simply rinse them under a tap as it needs to be solution each and every time. Taking a shortcut once leads to another shortcut and another, and this is where sore, itchy eyes can start.

Today, there is also the choice of daily disposable lenses, meaning that there is no excuse to have healthy eyes as a contact lens wearer.


2. Similarly, for those who don’t use daily disposable lenses, keeping the case within which you keep your lenses clean is another essential. Your lens solution will do this to some extent but for assured contact lens use, change your lens case on a regular basis and at least bi-yearly.


3. We should always have clean hands to prevent spreading of germs, and when it comes to putting contact lenses into the eye this becomes even more of a must-do. Wash your hands immediately prior to dealing with the lenses, ensuring all signs of soap are washed off and your hands are thoroughly dry before proceeding.


4. Always make sure that your solution is in date. Many people store their solutions, with the temptation to use the one at the front without rotating what has been stockpiled very real - keeping organised and meticulous is essential.


5. For make-up wearers, put the lenses in before applying eye make-up in order to avoid cross contamination. Wearing contact lenses and using make-up is not an issue, but by ensuring you do it the right way round you can avoid many issues.