What are varifocals?

If you are one of those people who are continually grabbing the wrong pair of glasses for the wrong purpose, then it may be time to consider if varifocal glasses are a feasible option for you.

But if you are confused about just how easy they are to use and the science behind them, it can be all too easy to dismiss them as something that is less of a fashion statement and more of a hindrance to bring in to your daily routine.

Varifocals, as the name suggests, can be useful to you if you have two prescriptions, one for reading and one for distance vision. Whereas bifocal glasses, which similarly can cater for two prescriptions, have a defined divide between the two areas of the lens, varifocals blend from one strength to the other gradually so they look aesthetically better, as well as meaning that there is no need to look up and down quite obviously for different visual purposes.

Also known as progressive lenses, the varifocal lens works by having the distance element at the top and the reading prescription at the bottom, but the two also have a middle area that cleverly combines both to create a pleasing user experience. And whilst it may seem that they could be more complicated to use than having separate glasses initially, you will soon adjust to moving between the two areas with ease, meaning there is not the need for separate pairs of glasses left in places where they are more likely to be used, often creating moments of despair when you can’t find the exact pair that you need.

Naturally, adjusting to this new way of looking the world doesn’t happen instantly, so if you are considering varifocals going forward, be aware that there will be a period of getting used to how you wear them which should be a maximum of one month for the majority of spectacle users.

However, once you are comfortable with using them, for most people, there is no turning back.

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