Why we love Designer Glasses

Designer Glasses at Specs123

Why we love Designer Glasses

Are you looking for a designer look from your glasses choice?

Go back only a couple of decades and your choice of frames was comparatively limited. With a couple of designer brands starting to break into the eyewear market, we still lived in a world where the majority of frames had a similar look and where in order to achieve a more stylistic outlook, there was hefty price-tag to go along with it.

Fast forward to the current era, and the range of frames available leaves you quite literally spoilt for choice. And whilst you are still paying a premium for having a designer name on your glasses frames, shopping wisely on the internet can dramatically cut that cost. Sites such as specs123.co.uk manage to bring you hefty savings on manufacturers RRPs by cutting out the need for premises, individual fittings and one-on-one service yet excel in terms of value and customer care, meaning designer frames are no longer the privilege of a few. Following the recession, the need to ensure that what we buy will last has become far more dominant in society along with the requirement that what we do ultimately buy represents great value for money. As such, more and more people are turning to more expensively priced glasses frames and are happy to invest a little extra in order to secure the look they truly want.

In recent years, the designer look has become what many of us aspire to. In a world of celebrity and social media, we have instant access to the latest looks and must haves with many of us willing to spend our hard-earned cash on designer quality. Forget the days of glasses being an item of shame as even those of us who don’t need a prescription are keen to embrace the spectacled look. So along with designer shoes, designer handbags and designer clothing, designer glasses are a trend to truly embrace. The vast majority of designers have a trend worthy frame collection to their name with even sporting brands and car manufacturers keen to get their slice of the eyewear action.

Specs123 are proud to stock a large range of designer frames, all with free UK delivery. With an easy ordering process, superlative customer service and anti-scratch and anti-reflection lenses as standard, it is clear to see why buying online is the designer way to buy your designer glasses.