Hycosan Fresh Eye Drops

Hycosan Fresh Eye Drops

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Hycosan Fresh Eye Drops

Hycosan Fresh is a preservative free dry eye treatment.

Product information

  • Hycosan® Fresh includes a natural tear lubricant (0.03% Sodium Hyaluronate) & a natural plant extract shown to relieve redness of the eye (Euphrasia)
  • Hycosan® Fresh provides relief for mild eye irritation - it is perfect for busy people who use screens, tablets & phones throughout the day or work in an office environment
  • Hycosan® Fresh offers patients a Preservative Free lubricant which ensure contact lens compatibility
  • Hycosan® Fresh can be used for 6 months from first opening!

  • Hycosan Eye Drops contain no preservatives, ensuring that they will not cause unpleasant irritation.

Product specification

  • Manufacturer Scope Ophthalmics
  • Size 7.5ml
  • Ideal for: Mild irritation
  • Ingredients 0.03% Sodium Hyaluronate, Euphrasia


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