Cancellation & Returns

Returning lenses

Lens123 offers a 30 day return period from when you receive the products. Products must be returned unopened and the original packaging must be unmarked.

Prescription change exchange

If your prescription has altered within 6 months of purchasing from us. You may contact us to return your product in order to exchange for the same product but with a different power. If the product has for some reason been discontinued, an alternative product (with a valid prescription) can be purchased. Products must be returned unopened and the original packaging must be unmarked.

Do the following:

Contact customer service via, or call 0800 772 0579. Inform them of your request and order number. They will then reply with instructions on how you should proceed.

Package the goods well, preferably in the same box your order shipped or a padded envelope. Damage arising during transit because of inadequate packaging will be charged to the customer. Lens123 is not responsible for the transport of the returned items. We highly recommend a tracked postal service.

What happens if my product is damaged or defective?

You can always return for a full refund if the product was defective. The product must be returned to Lens123 and we will then forward the item to the manufacturer to make a judgement. As a customer you are responsible to make a careful inspection of the products that have been delivered to you to make certain that they are not damaged or incorrect in any way. If a product is damaged or incorrect when it is delivered it should be returned within 7 days of the delivery date. Put the damaged lens into a storage container containing fluid and then contact Lens123 customer service via Please state your reasons for the return and order number and we will reply to you shortly thereafter with further instructions on how to return the product.


Any refunds will be paid out directly to the credit / debit card or Paypal account used at the time of purchase and will take place 10 working days after we have received and approved your return. At times a store credit may be applied to substitute a refund.