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Proclear (3 lenses / box) is a monthly contact lens from CooperVision.

Product information

Proclear contact lenses are designed to be worn monthly and then replaced, this means they should be stored in a compatible cleaning solution overnight. The range of these contacts is quite broad, including various types, such as Multifocal Toric, Proclear 1 Day, Proclear Multifocal and Proclear Toric. Those with conditions, like short-sightedness and long vision, presbyopia, astigmatism, will also find lenses to suit, within the Proclear range.
If you have experienced a great degree of discomfort and irritation, while wearing other types of soft contact lenses, these contacts may just be the best type for you. You'll also notice a difference, while wearing them, if you spend a lot of time looking at your computer screen, while at work, as these lenses won't dry out as rapidly as other similar types.

Product specification

  • Brand Proclear Sphere
  • Lenses in box 3 lenses
  • Manufacturer CooperVision
  • Power range (PWR/SPH): +20.00 to -20.00
  • Base curve (BC/Radius) 8.6
  • Diameter 14.2
  • Wear time 1 month
  • Material Omafilcon A
  • Fluid content 62%
  • Handling tint Yes
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