Refine One Step (3 Pack)

Refine One Step (3 Pack)

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Refine One Step (3 month pack)

Preservative-free, one-step, peroxide system, suitable for use with all lens types, including silicone hydrogel

    Product information

    Suitable for three-month normal use, each pack of Refine One Step consists of three 250ml solution bottles. 

    Simply place your contact lenses inside their anti-bacterial case and completely fill it with Refine One Step, making sure they are completely submerged. Leave them overnight, and in the morning you won’t even need to rub or rinse your lenses to ensure they stay fresh and clean throughout the day.
    Refine One Step gets to work right away, quickly removing any harmful bacteria or protein deposits that may have built up on the lens. However, despite offering a powerful clean, you won’t find any preservatives in this peroxide-based solution. Even the most sensitive eyes won’t be affected by Refine One Step, making it perfect for those prone to dry or irritated eyes.
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    Product specification

    • Manufacturer Coopervision
    • Pack Size 3 x 250ml, 3 x lens cases


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