SofLens 59

SofLens 59

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SofLens 59

SofLens 59 (3 lenses / box) is a monthly contact lens from Bausch & Lomb.

Product information

Previously known as SofLens Comfort, SofLens 59 contact lenses are ideal for those whose working lives necessitate for a durable and functional lens.
SofLens 59 lenses are made from a polymer known as Hilafilcon B, a polymer that counters protein and prevents any deposits building up on the surface of the lens, ensuring that each one will stay clear and fresh and feel comfortable throughout the day.

So, why the 59? Well, this refers to the fantastic design, as each SofLens 59 lens is made with 59% water content. This makes them great for people who tend to suffer from dry eyes, keeping the eye feeling fresh and hydrated, even when worn for the entire day. This high water content also enables oxygen to reach the wearer's eye with greater ease. This means that they are excellent for those who need to wear contact lenses whilst engaging in tasks that require concentration or could put strain on the eye. Whether you work at a computer for several hours at a time, or drive for long distances, these lenses will keep your eyes clear and focused on the task at hand.

Product specification

  • Brand SofLens 59
  • Lenses in box 3 lenses
  • Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb
  • Power range (PWR/SPH): +6.00 to -9.00
  • Base curve (BC/Radius) 8.7 and 9.0
  • Diameter 14.2
  • Wear time 1 month
  • Material Hilifilcon B
  • Fluid content 59%
  • Handling tint Yes
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