Standard contact lens case

Standard contact lens case

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Standard contact lens case

This standard contact lens case available is a generic product that has been produced for use with all varieties and brands of contact lenses.

Product information

• It is small and easy to store away at night when lenses are not being worn.

•• Cases are vital because contact lens wearers need to regularly clean and replace their lenses. Other vessels could be used to clean lenses, but it is advisable to use the standard case as it has been produced to snap shut securely and to the right specifications for holding all lens varieties.

•• Almost all contact lens varieties require that they be regularly bathed in cleaning fluid and thoroughly disinfected. This prevents eye infections that can complicate vision, and prevents the build-up of deposits of dust and dirt. This can also lead to infections, and can contribute to blurred vision.

Product specification

  • Manufacturer Generic
  • Pack Size 1 x lens case


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